14 april 2019

Kids Fashion Day: holiday of childhood and fashion!

The 18th season of Belarus Fashion Week ended with the Kids´ Fashion Day shows, in which leading Belarusian designers and brands presented their collections of children's and teenage clothes. The organizer is the PR and communications agency "Otkrytyi Podium", NGO "Belarus Fashion Council". 

New collections presented brands Makavka, STILNYASHKA, Acoola, Artus, Styliski, KUDRINA, IM NOT HONEY, Mirdada, VERSHINA, bridal showroom Esenia, Danae, IZUM by Anna Gavriushina, AnSur, LYALYA, DOLCE VITA, Dmitry Grigarovic, Yulia Radha, Anaur, Yulia Radheyra, LIALYA, DOLCE VITA, Dmitry Grigarovic, Yulia Radha, Anaur, LYALYA, DOLCE VITA; and Marina Bonifateva. Each show was distinguished by its unique style and vision of children's fashion - Belarusian ethnic outfits took to the catwalk; modern looks that correspond to trends in adult fashion and even evening dresses for girls.

Makavka brand show consisted of things for both girls and boys. The key idea of ​​the collection is a multi-layered and unusual cut. In almost every image, the designer focused on the popular after the show Delpozo bows, which give playfulness to simple and minimalistic clothes.

Brand STILNYASHKA presented on the catwalk a collection in the "Barbie" style, made in a rich pink color. In each image there were trends of 2019: vinyl, glitter, tulle, nylon knee-highs and, of course, oversize sweatshirts.

A collection of casual wear for children and adolescents was demonstrated by the Acoola brand. In one show, things gathered for sports and active girls, as well as for romantic princesses. In the finale, young models were crowded onto the podium with a friendly crowd.

Models of the shows Makavka, STILNYASHKA, Acoola are the young pupils of Kids Podium.

The Artus brand with a long history is a successful Belarusian manufacturer of jackets, coats, trousers, overalls and linen products. Therefore, in the new collection called “We are the children of the Galaxy”, guests were able to appreciate the comfortable, stylish and modern outerwear for children and teenagers.

Brand "Stilnyazka" understands that, despite the young age, children also want to look stylish and fashionable. The brand offered a huge selection of children's and teen clothing. The collection consisted of relevant and practical clothing: jeans, t-shirts, sweatpants with stripes and waist bags.

Kids collection “SuoNero” by designer Dmitry Grigorovich was designed in a classic and at the same time avant-garde style. Elegant silhouette, decoration, a combination of constructive and decorative lines - all this made the new collection of relevant and relevant trends.

For the first time, KUDRINA brand presented its collection on the catwalk of Belarus Fashion Week. Brand designer Natalya Kudrina is known to everyone as Belarusian singer Venera, a performer of famous hits, as well as an outerwear designer for adults. The Wind of change collection is a bold look and a real revolution in children's and teen fashion. The collection consisted of multi-layered images combining a variety of materials, textures, colors and shapes.

Beloslava collection by designers Nadin Kuznetsova and Marina Bonifatyeva reflects the problem of fashion adaptation to contemporary Belarusian ethnic culture. In this collection, the guests saw how to incorporate the historic Belarusian costume into the realities of modern fashion.

The models of the shows "Artus", "Styles", Dmitry Grigorovich, KUDRINA, Nadin Kuznetsova and Marina Bonifateva were made by students of MY Studio.
Collection brand IM NOT HONEY consisted of comfortable and versatile clothing for children. Unlike other shows, the brand chose muted tones for things, the color accent was only thick tights of orange and burgundy colors. The collection was presented by the model agency FASHION KIDS.

Children's clothing brand Mirdada autumn-winter 2019/20 - these are three Disney licensed capsules and five designer collections. The brand took into account the various interests of the little fashionistas and fashionistas and took care of the variety of models, colors and high quality of the materials used. The brand is a member of the professional fashion association “Belarus Fashion Council”.

VERSHINA brand is the must-see of the season for every fashion mom! Designers Victoria Zlovski and Tatiana Brazinskaya introduced the guests of the show with a new collection of clothes codenamed PRO100. PRO100 is a line with an individual cut, the main feature of which is that it is sewn by hand from huge men's shirts. Thanks to their cuffs and collars, each look turned out to be exclusive. From one to ten shirts were used for one full look. Brand collections presented models of the model agency Art Pipper.

The new collection of the fashion house of Julia Radova “Telle quelle” is a classic of French style. NAGORNY MODEL SCHOOL models demonstrated a magical “bouquet” of French charm and Belarusian softness, of refinement and practicality, of Provence and luxury, of satin and jacquard, children's playfulness and strict style.

Wedding salon "ESENIYA" helped every girl to feel like a princess. As part of the Kids’ Fashion Day show, designer Veronika Kiseleva presented the festive Spring Flowers collection from chic tulle skirts embroidered with lace.

Brand "Danaya" produces elegant dresses for children. The collection of the brand consisted of fluffy, ball gowns in gentle and light colors. In these fabulous images, small models looked like real fairies.

At the fashion show of DOLCE VITA brand, models in luxurious dresses and tulle sundresses came out on the catwalk. The entire collection is designed in acid-neon colors, which are definitely among the must-have of the 2019/20 fall-winter season.

A new collection of clothes IZUM by Anna Gavriushina has consistently followed the style of romantic florality, preserving the pastel color scheme and immersing into the atmosphere of real magic. The theme of the show was chosen fairy-tale children's world of sweets. The sets of images, decorated with air capes and aprons, were demonstrated by Art-Fashion Academy "Mademoiselle Adr'i" models.

The AnSur brand presented the Remix clothing collection, supplemented with hats and accessories, which were also created by brand designer Antonina Surinovich. In the FW season, this is the only brand-manufacturer of accessories that has put its creations on the podium. Kurtkidetskie show partner.

The show of the LYALYA brand surprised the guests not only with its design, but also with an unusual production of the show. On the catwalk models went backwards! The collection consisted of bright and bold clothing that meets all the latest trends in adult fashion.

Collections of the AnSur and LYALYA brands were presented by female students of the Korona model agency.

Young models from KIDS' PODIUM, MY Studio, FASHION KIDS, Nagorny Models, Art Pipper, DOLCE VITA, Art-Fashion Academy "Mademoiselle Adr'i", Corona took part in the shows.

Kids' Fashion Day project was created both to unite creative people interested in the development of children's fashion, and to attract public attention to good deeds. This season, every guest of children's shows became a part of the charity campaign “From Kids to Kids”! By purchasing a complimentary ticket to bezkassira.by, the guests supported the “Zhuravichsky boarding house for disabled children with psychophysical peculiarities”. Also for everyone to increase their contribution to the common cause in the hall was a donation box. All funds raised, namely, 927 Belarusian rubles, have already been received at the boarding house!

Every season Belarus Fashion Week is supported by large companies and brands, without the help of which this project would not be so colorful and beautiful. This year, the official makeup artist of the Fashion Week was the Mary Kay® company, which has been collaborating with the project for more than one season. Star make-up artist of the project Alexander Kirinyuk caused a real stir among children, every child wanted to get a photo with a celebrity!

TRESemme company for the first time participated in a creative partnership in the design of hairstyles and hair styling at the Fashion Week in Belarus. Between the shows, the festive mood for the children and their parents was created by a growth hippo doll from the studio "Apelsinka". And also the whole day for the guests there was the activation of the project of children's creativity “Red Castle”, where children could try drawing with sand, as well as make a face painting.

All shows were available on the online broadcast on the website bfw.by.

Information partners of Kids´ Fashion Day: Relax.by, Family city for children, Bambini, Mommies.BY, DOMIK, PICCOLO magazine, Baby.BY, Lola KIDS, Malyshok.by, salon375, MamExpert, panamka

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Photo: Peter Vinnichek, Konstantin Kryukov

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