Name: Olga Samoschenko

Olga Samoschenko presented her collection made for a city girl whose average day is filled with very different events ranging from business meetings to theater or gallery visits.

Smooth, refined, a slightly close-fitting in the waist silhouette of an item is supplemented with some asymmetrical swen-on component – a pocket, a collar or a sleeve, waving in time with movements and measuring off pace of life. A mandatory attribute of dresses by this designer is a narrow leather belt on the waist.

The key color theme which includes beige, coral, chocolate, gray and even blood red shows itself in different ways. It depends on the choice of the natural texture: silk, viscose, satin or wool. This bears a certain coldness of metallic tints and warmth of mat ones.

Under the seeming simplicity of outfits an effortful work on combining and overlaying different fabrics is concealed. Abundant drapery around the shoulders or on the waist takes the edge off the graphical silhouette by adding a bit of thoughtlessness in the strictness of modern ladies’ outfits.

Republican public organization
«Belarus Fashion Council»

Agency of PR and communications
«Open podium»
NIP 490853075