17 april 2017


On April 15 the unique show on a crossroad of fashion, history and art – the show of the designer Ksenia Romanova with the assistance of Belarus Fashion Week took place. The unusual place for the fashion show has been chosen – the runway was settled down in the National art museum of the Republic of Belarus. The unique atmosphere of the art's temple helped guests to sink deeply into the concept of the collection, the source of inspiration of which became a rich cultural heritage of the Radzivills.

Ksenia Romanova has told us, "The idea for creation of the collection came half a year ago when jacquard fabrics of tremendous beauty fell into my hands. They broughttback images from the well-known portraits in Nesvizh Castle. It aways amazed me how progressive for those times were the views of the Radziwills and how much they made for Belarus. And I began to think how to connect these two starting points together. My team and I have carried out real research so that the collection turns out the most organic one. We went to an excursion to the Niasvizh castle, scooped the facts from books and the Internet, studied the exhibition "The Radzivills: destinies of the country and the family" in details which took place at the National art museum”.

The Radziwills era was easily guessed by dresses, a cut of sleeves, necks and silhouettes. At the same time the collection is the author's reading of a historical topic embodied in an ultrafashionable women's clothing. All things are modern and are suitable for going out.

Live music became a true decoration of a fashion show: models were accompanied by a grand piano, compositions which belong to the Radziwills, and Oginski's Polonaise were heard.

Ksenia Romanova's show was private. It was possible to go there only by personal invitation. Representatives of embassies in the Republic of Belarus, business community, the media, bohemia, experts from the world of fashion and style, the fashion designer's clients were guests of the show. Involuntary witnesses of the show were also the Radziwills, because the demonstration was going on among the portraits of the famous family.

It was the first large fashion show for Ksenia Romanova, although the brand has already had a number of admirers. The press also pays attention to the designer. Such magazines as L'Officiel Azerbaijan, Aeroflot Style (Russia), Sobaka magazine (Russia), Fashion Collection Magazine (Belarus), Ash Magazine (Belarus) and others have written about the designer. She has a history of the diploma of Moscow State University of Design and Technologies, a training at the Vika Gazinskaya and I AM Studio brands, participation in shows of Belarus Fashion Week and Saint Petersburg Fashion Week.

The general partner of the fashion show became foreign unitary enterprise "British American Tobacco Trading Company", official partners — the National art museum of the Republic of Belarus, Belarus Fashion Week and FASH’ON consulting.

The topic of the next collection of the KSENIYA ROMANOVA brand is kept a secret so far. But it is already known that it won't be similar to the one we have seen in the National art museum.

General partner of the show:

foreign unitary enterprise "British American Tobacco Trading Company".

Official partners:

  •  Belarus Fashion Week.
  •  National art museum of the Republic of Belarus;
  •  FASH’ON consulting; 


Hairstyles — Boutique and Express BautyHall of BALMESSENCE, PINS studio.

Make-up — Makeupangelo.

Footwear — Basconi (Shopping Center "Zamok").

Accessories — Private Stone.


Text: "Open Defile" press center

Photo: Maria Kozhdan

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