13 march 2018


Following the international trend of combining fashion with innovative technologies, the Fashion Tech Hub platform will be presented for the first time at the Fashion Week, which will be held in April 11-15, demonstrating technology solutions for the fashion industry.

This year, the participants of the event Belarus Fashion Week will be able to get information on innovative solutions for fashion, design, demonstration and sale of collections: 3D printing for rapid creation of items of footwear and clothing, 3D scanning and reverse for modelling, software for rapid prototyping accessories, hardware (smart) solutions for clothing, digital accessories. Exposition of equipment and start-ups for the fashion industry Fab Lab Garage.

This season BFW presents for the first time Blockchain Fashion Conference. Speakers of the event: Kazbek Bektursunov, founder of Kiev Fashion Days and CEO of LMG Group, Anna Karenina, a successful Ukrainian brand designer Anna K, which was included in the Forbes “Up to 30” list in 2017, Eddie Mullon, CEO Fashion GPS and Launchmetrics, Craig Arend, Vizux a representative - the leading manufacturer of VR glasses. The lecturers will also represent Blockchain Fashion Week project, where Belarus Fashion Week also takes part, which will choose designers for sales on the Fashion Coin platform. The active development of technology, as well as a general trend to save resources on the rejection of printed invitations and 100% replacement of their electronic versions.

OK16 - the new location of the Belarus Fashion Week, which meets all the standards of the fashion weeks all over the world, which are aimed at rational use of resources and integration of premium designer clothes into the modern urban environment. Thus, the organizers are betting on obtaining first-class content (production) and stimulating the development of streetstyle culture.

Yanina Goncharova: "Belarus Fashion Week has long ago confirmed the title of the best and universal platform in the country for the presentation of collections of those brands that work ahead of the sales season and want to be competitively stable. Among them Nelva, Balunova, TON-IN-TON, DEVUR / FEMME, Condra Deluxe, Natalia Korzh, Blackberry, T.Efremova, Lakbi, èmse, Natalia Gaydarzhi, Tikota Unique, Anna Ramakaeva, TARAKANOVA, and many others. For 8 years, the national project Belarus Fashion Week is fundamental in shaping the view of consumers and foreign colleagues about the modern fashion business in Belarus. Having done a great job, we promote existing brands, support young designers and inspire talented people".

Every season, the Belarus Fashion Week is visited by more than 15 000 guests, and the reviews of materials from the Fashion Week have long exceeded 1 000 000 views! Traditional online broadcasts of the shows will be available immediately on 5 platforms: the site bfw.by, official accounts in VK, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram with respect for the rights of authorship. Thus, each person can easily follow the shows. Fashion Week in Belarus from anywhere in the world.

This season the shows of Belarusian designers will be covered by the international press. Among them are journalists and editors of such publications like Vogue (Italy), Harpers Bazaar (Poland, Ukraine), the journal Schön (United Kingdom), by JNC magazine (Germany), ZOE magazine (Italy), of Elle (Italy, Ukraine), not just a Label (UK), TV channels Fashion One, ID Fashion, Modeyes, Fashion TV, Fashion Channel, Years TV, FF Channel.

The official make-up artist of Belarus Fashion Week is Mary Kay® company. Partners: the Swiss watch brand Elixa, PoshSchool and the Art Space "Stables".

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