09 april 2018


On April 7, 2018, the sketch of the contest of young designers New Names Belarus Fashion Week was held, which is not the first time in partnership with the company Mark Formelle and every year opens new names of the Fashion Week in Belarus.

On the eve of the new season of the contest, the organizers (PR and communications agency "Open Podium") visited several Belarusian universities with a presentation of the contest program New Names Belarus Fashion Week. The winner will have an opportunity to present his collection created on the basis of the enterprise, within the framework of the first festival of credit ideas - Fashion Idea Festival - and the author's fee from the company Mark Formelle in the amount of 2000 BYN.

During the qualifying stage, the contest participants, and this is mostly graduates of profile universities, were able to demonstrate sketches of future collections and explain the main idea that they invested in each product.

For the first time at the qualifying stage of the contest, the jury included not only specialists, but also well-known fashion-persons, among them: Yanina Goncharova - head of Belarus Fashion Week;

Svetlana Siparova - director of TM "Mark Formelle";

Svetlana Sachivko - designer of TM "Mark Formelle";

Elena Atrakhovich - Head of the Fashion Design Department of the State Institute of Management and Social Technologies of the Belarusian State University;

Tatiana Shcherbakova - fashion - blogger, stylist;

Antonin Vadim - fashion - blogger;

Yuri Yaroshik - director, presenter;

Polina Kravtsova - the owner of "Shop 7.11".

Having offered bright and interesting projects, the following stage of the contest was held:

Poleshchuk Anatoly

Rasolko Alevtina

Hajduk Darya

Korota Agata

Jeziorska Maria

Vlkova Elena

Balabushko Lyudmila

Bogdanova Alina

Demilovich Julia

Leoshko Anastasia

Spiridovich Anastasia.

Mentors - members of the jury are assigned to the participants of the New Names Belarus Fashion Week by Mark Formelle, who throughout the preparation for the final of the competition will help and facilitate the creation of new collections.

And we just have to watch in the social networks for the process of creating collections, as if for a reality show.

The next stage of the competition will be held May 5, 2018. The final of the New Names Belarus Fashion Week by Mark Formelle will be held on May 25, 2018. during the Fashion Idea Festival.

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