27 may 2019

1st edition of New Names Belarus Fashion Week was held!

 On May, 26, 2019, Minsk hosted a sketch tour of the annual competition New Names Belarus Fashion Week! The competition was organized by NGO “Belarus Fashion Council” and PR and Communication Agency “Open Defile”.

 Each year the competition attracts a lot of attention of young designers from all over Belarus. Last year Daria Haiduk became the winner of the competition, showing the jury and the guests of the show “FRIDA” collection. Moreover, the result of last season was a unique case, because the opinion of the audience participating in the online voting coincided with the opinion of professionals!

 The winner of the current season will receive the main prize - 1000 BYN, participation in BELARUS FASHION WEEK and being widely known as the brightest designer debutant of 2019 supported by Belarus Fashion Council!

  The main theme of the new season of the competition is SUSTAINABLE FASHION - clothes, shoes and accessories, which are made, sold and used in the most conscious way according to environmental and socio-economic point of view.


The jury includes:

- Yanina Hancharova - founder and head of Belarus Fashion Week, chairperson of the designers’ association Belarus Fashion Council;

- Olga Barabanschikova - owner and designer of Candy Lady brand, animal rights activist;

- Polina Voronova - designer of Historia Naturalis eco-friendly brand;

- Yulia Lazareva - founder of the conscious fashion project - PEREODEVALKA.

- Martin Roberts - head of the international project aimed at promotion of fashion pioneers - FASHION SCOUT (London).

 Both newcomers in fashion design and accomplished authors and stylists, as well as all those who are interested in Fashion came to the sketch round of the competition! In this regard, the participants came with a very different level of preparation, from an oral presentation of the idea to the demonstration of ready-made, personally developed fabrics. In addition, each of the participants received a unique opportunity - to talk with the jury in private and hear their opinions, recommendations and suggestions about collections. Invaluable experience for beginners in fashion industry!

After a successful presentation of sketches, participation in the competition continued:

  • Alina Evchenko
  • Ksenia Guest
  • Valeria Kovaleva, Angelina Volchenko
  • Margarita Zhuk, Alesia Koroleva
  • Sophia Yakus
  • Victoria Zhorova
  • Alexandra Evtukhovich
  • Alexandra Marchenko
  • Natalya Zenevich
  • Natalia Dosko
  • Valentina Neborskaya
  • Oleg Gorchanin

 In addition, a special gift for one of the finalists of the competition prepares a project of conscious fashion PEREODEVALKA - free placement in the showroom and participation in the festival's markets during the year.

 Yanina Hancharova, the chairperson of Belarus Fashion Council and organizer of the competition: “The idea of ​​New Names Belarus Fashion Week is to find young and talented designers each year and introduce them to a wide audience, no matter who they are: senior students of specialized institutions or free artists who are in search. As a rule, we work with a partner company, but this year there is no such possibility, which does not prevent us from holding a competition by our own forces and helping to light fashion stars.

We have limited participants with a single theme, “Clothes, created consciously”. Each participant understood this topic in his own way and we saw absolutely different collections. Someone was inspired by his dog Lola, who lives in Serebryanka and the slogan “if you don’t love yourself, you don’t love nature,” and someone was inspired by the theme of preserving nature from garbage. We are glad to see how the winners of the competition continue their independent successful work and make their personal contribution to the development of the image of modern Belarusian fashion. 

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