26 march 2017


A 2,000$ grant for the creation of collection, studying at leading universities of Italy, presentation of works on the Vogue Talents Award project and other opportunities of the OFF SCHEDULE BFW by Conte program.

OFF SCHEDULE BFW is a creative competition among young brands within the framework of the Fashion Week in Belarus. Its main task is to help talents to express themselves and to expand their fashionable brand. The project was the beginning of LEORGOFMAN, LubOV TumanOVA, Tanya Tur, TIKOTA UNIQUE, LIMITEDMINSK and other young designers career, whose names are popular today.

The participants of the new season OFF SCHEDULE BFW AW18 have even more opportunities to get real support. In the new season of Belarus Fashion Week, the OFF SCHEDULE program will be presented by shows and fashion-installations. The author of the brightest and most impressive installation will receive the 2000 $ grant for development from Conte company.

Fashion-installation is a program for presentation of a capsule collection, which involves staging, special effects, play of light and shadows, video graphics, scenery and unlimited flight of fantasy. A small pavilion will be built in the pavilion of the Belarus Fashion Week, and a solid team of supervisors, technicians, hairdressers and make-up artists will help the participants to implement their ambitious ideas for demonstration of clothing.

Participation in shows-installations is cheaper for designers than usual fashion shows, because for this format, you can only present a few bright imageries. Still the public's attention to the OFF SCHEDULE as great as to the main runway.

For viewers, fashion-installation is an additional opportunity to view images in detail and to understand the designer's idea better. In the history of existance the OFF SCHEDULE BFW venue, the program attracted the attention of the Italian magazines "Vogue" and "Design42Day". And Mario Bozelli, President of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, highly appreciated the level of organization and idea of the program as a whole.

Conte company is a professional with twenty years of experience, whose name is known in more than 30 countries of the world, and one of the leading companies in Belarus. It is worth noting that the mentor's advice will be no less valuable than material support for beginner designers. After all, the brand does not stop there: in addition to hosiery, it produces underwear and clothes for the whole family, develops design, new technologies in production, and a competent marketing strategy. There is a lot to learn from Conte for those who are at the beginning of their journey!

Moreover summer training in Instituto europeo di design will wait for one participant of OFF SCHEDULE BFW program. The representative of its university will visit the Belarus Fashion Week and will personally communicate with each participant. For the training program the knowledge of English is obligatory requirement.

All participants of the project will be considered by the head of the international project of talented designers support Vogue Talents Award. 

Only 12 designers, who previously had experience in the design of clothing, can take part in the program of installations.

Accepting of applications on: off@bfw.by

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