27 march 2019

The new ÉMSE collection on BELARUS FASHION WEEK!

Emse dress collection – a new dress for new you!

In a new emse collection the designers of the brand implemented the dream of creating an ideal wardrobe- womanly and modern. It was inspired by the idea of magnificent youth, which does not have age limits. All the looks are the reference to the brightest events in your life, romantic meetings, important decisions, careless holiday and the feeling of happiness in a certain moment. An emse woman changes, implementing ambitious dreams and saving her inner flame, but dresses are an opportunity to show this changing spirit to the surrounding people and to make every day special!

The collection of prom dresses is the ode to youth and the lovely age, when all goes easily and you can handle anything. Designers of the emse have created the looks, which symbolize the flight of imagination, romanticism. The details can say more about the collection: tulle and lace as a dominating materials; sequins, drap, abudance of decor, pompous skirts as the main expressive accents.


During creating every new collection, the emse designers adhere an important rool - every woman should have an opportunity to choose from a hundred the only one dress, which can be the base and reflection of her unique character. Evening dresses are always a special story. They make important moments of your life unforgettable, tell about you what you want to explain to the surrounding people and save the intrigue at the same time. That is why the Spring-Summer 2019 collection turned out to be so multifaceted, emotional and full of meaningful elements. On one hand, light fabrics, chiffon, relevant Florence lace. From the other hand- slim silhouette, velvet and fabrics, embroidered with beads and sequins.

While creating a new wedding collection, emse designers every season aim for diversity in style. New Look, Boho, Bohemian-Chic, Modern- is a small part of the spheres, where the brand works. A bride in emse dress will always look stylish and fell comfortable. The main accents in the collection- the new design of lace, chiffon elements, texture bright fabrics, light gentle net with dots and as an alternative to the white wedding dress, looks in beige tons.

The brand devoted Plus Size collection to the confident, stylish and free of stereotypes women. Thinking up models of dresses, emse designers wanted to highlight the beauty of forms and to create looks for different occasions: from everyday cocktail dresses to the important meetings with obligatory dress code. Translucent elements, straight cutting-out and flowing pattern, which nicely correct shape, one-colored models with expressive decorative elements-all they are created in order to emphasize the uniqueness and charm of every emse heroine.

The brand show will held on the 12th of April at 18.00

Accreditation is on www.bfw.by site.

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