28 february 2017


On February 26 in an art space “Who is John Galt” a preliminary round of the contest for young designers took place, where for the second season Mark Formelle company opened New Names BFW.

New Names Belarus Fashion Week has been held for 6 years already and supports talented youth who, at the very beginning, is striving to develop professional skills. 

Students of specialized educational institutions from all over Belarus and young people who graduated from these institutions seeking their professional vocation take part in the competition.

It should be mentioned that from year to year New Names BFW opens new opportunities for young designers, and develops versatility in creating clothes.

So in the new season of New Names BFW there will be two nominations in the categories "Men's Collection" and "Women's Collection". This means that several contestants will become winners.

The main prize for the New Names BFW winner will be the opportunity to start mass production of the collection together with Mark Formelle. Models developed by the winner, will be available in Mark Formelle chain of stores across Belarus, and the designer will receive a fee - 1000 rubles.

Competitive component of the contest disciplines and teaches not to be afraid of competition, which awaits young professionals in the future, take constructive criticism, and listen to the opinions of professionals.

At each stage of the contest, young people should present not only their designer's talent, but also boldly declare their personal qualities, showing the jury firm desire to learn and work hard.

For the first round of the contest applicants should have presented sketches of a collection of five models, told about the source of inspiration, showed the jury knowledge of modeling clothes, described each in terms of its production technology.

- The preliminary round is the basis of the whole competition. From this stage the work on the collection begins and it can be considered the starting point for the creation of competitive works. The main task that we set for designers in this season of the contest is to adapt their creative ideas for mass production. Someone coped with the task better, someone worse. It should be noted that it was difficult for jury to refuse creative, interesting collections, which are difficult to implement into production conditions. Despite this fact these collections are bright design experiments, the embodiment of which will be useful for those who follow the contest in search of inspiration. Thanks to experiments and bold decisions of young people, professionals create universal models and sales hits, - Yanina Goncharova, the head of Belarus Fashion Week, shared her impressions.

Svetlana Siparova, director of the Mark Formelle company also expressed her opinion: "It was interesting to see how young designers work with the same material - jersey. Everyone found something special about it and use it in completely different ways. During the selection we saw qualitative, fresh and new ideas embodied in the collections of participants. We are looking forward to the next round of the contest, where young people will realize all their ideas. "

Nevertheless, even here you can see New Names, such as TV presenter, onliner Anna Bond and buyer, fashion-PR specialist in the luxury segment, scientific editor of Fashion-Business Alena Popova.

"Exactly such a cooperation, as the New Names BFW contest and the leading clothing company Mark Formelle, will not only encourage young designers to develop, but also be an excellent impetus to the emergence of domestic fashion ideas from the period of stagnation," Alena Popova said.

Participants will very soon realize their ideas in the modeling of the collection.

Finalists will receive knitted fabrics, which they can combine, paint, apply drawings or apply other techniques for processing this material.

Designers will also have the opportunity to visit the Mark Formelle enterprise, learn something about production facilities, see the scale and format of the company's work, and, if necessary, receive recommendations for improving the collection from the company's specialists.

The names of the young designers who passed the next round of the contest:

  1. Valery Kaplan, VGTU
  2. Hajduk Darya, GrGU named after Kupala
  3. Korolchuk Victoria, VGTU
  4. Barsukova Ekaterina, Shirokova ISZ
  5. Akulo Yulia, Branch of BNTU "MGTK"
  6. Ksenia Gest, VGTU
  7. Troitskaya Varvara, BGAI
  8. Alexander Shpuntov + Korol Elena,
  9. Shirokova ISZ
  10. Litvinskaya Darya, VGTU
  11. Irina Labkovich, Shirokova ISZ
  12. Enieohpon Eno, BGUIR
  13. Shemyakina Polina, Fashion Art
  14. Neborskaya Valentina, BGAI Kavko Alesya, VGTU

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«Belarus Fashion Council»

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