16 april 2018


The 16th season of Belarus Fashion Week ended with children's shows. Kids' Fashion Days BFW are not only fashion shows, but also a great social project. Every guest, when buying a ticket for an event, reaches a hand to those who really need help. This year, all earnings from the sale of tickets will go to support families from the Public Association "Belarusian Association for Assistance to Children with Disabilities and Young People with Disabilities".

The designer of the wedding fashion salon and festive dresses for children "Danaya" Natalia Novitskaya created the collection "Vanilla Rose", inspired by beautiful colors, and powdered shades of vanilla roses, fuchsian and whitewashed violet; the most delicate fabrics and laces helped to realize the idea. The designer of accessories Nika Smolskaya made elegant jewelry for the hair in a single copy, which makes an exquisite accent in the holiday collection. Partners of the show: Fashion Theater "kids’ PODIUM"; fashion magazine PICCOLO; company "Agency of Good Deeds".


In clothes from the collection "West child" designers of the state institution - Fashion and Beauty Center “Crystal Nymph” Tatyana Pipchenko and Natalya Yakutovich, a modern child will feel comfortable, and natural in accordance with age and a lifestyle. The main motive is the western color, which suggests uncommonness, but at the same time practicality, simplicity and freedom. Things of wide cutting in casual style, underlined by original belts from velvet, which are made in an earthen palette with the minimum bright elements and decorated with a long fringe.


 KIDS` PODIUM Fashion Laboratory was created on the basis of the KIDS` PODIUM Fashion Theater, where young models learn modeling, design and the design of a costume, develop their creative potential and their personality. The team regularly travels to training seminars in Moscow, Milan and Paris, attends exhibitions of fashion houses in Paris. This year, a trip to the Institute of Fashion and European Design in Milan IED. It was there that ideas and inspiration came from contemporary art, avant-garde style, which were later reflected in the debut collection "Ready to sport". Futuristic images of transparent vinyl, metallized fabrics, quilted details looked original and democratic. Partners of the show: Fashion Theater “kids` PODIUM”, the company "Agency of Good Deeds".


The designer of the brand Leya.me from St. Petersburg Svetlana Zlotnikova presented the collection "Street Circus 2018". Black and white and colored polka dots, stripes, triangles on skirts, shirts and dresses were complemented with cute prints and hats. Images became touching, including due to competent styling. The partner of the show is the model agency Art-Fashion Academy Mademoiselle Adr'i.


The store of luxury brands "Marcelino kids" in its joint show presented to the public as a free pastime - a mix of functional and stylish things that will bring up the aesthetic taste of small fashionistas. The collections were prepared by such Italian brands as IL Gufo (the world's leader in the production of children's clothing of luxury goods), Liu Jo, TwinSet and N°21, Elisabetta Franchi. Partners of the show: Beauty salon "Nicole", Beauty salon "Beauty Time", children's model agency "ANNmodels" Kids Fashion Group.


Moscow designer Polina Golub presented the collection "New Collection Fall / Winter 2018-2019_School, Holidays, Celebration", consisting of products suitable for school days and city walks. Dark blue in combination with red and white flowers looks boring, and small details in the form of hearts on the collars of blouses - touching. The show partner - modeling agency Art-Fashion Academy Mademoiselle Adr'i.


Today, modern fashion is not conceivable without ethnic style. It is multifaceted, they are annually inspired by hundreds of designers around the world. For the first time, designer Daria Mugako presented the ethno-collection "Skarbnitsa" based on the national costume of the Belarusian people. The game of contrasts and bright ornaments is a stylistic decision, in which sets of clothes reproduce the features of a national costume. "Skarbnitsa" will allow fashion connoisseurs to look at national costumes at a new, modern level. The outfits of the collection are suitable for any occasion, no matter whether it is an ordinary walk or a solemn event. The collection "Skarbnitsa" will go down in the history of the MUGAKO brand.


Models of the agency Dolce Vita were on the catwalk in dresses of bright colors and cutting, referring to the 60th years of the XX century. Geometry, a stylized vegetable print, contrasting lace and decorative buttons - details and nuances came to the fore and highlighted the models. The images of boys consisted of monophonic sets of trousers and shirts, but were complemented by jackets of turquoise, lilac and yellow flowers.


NAVY Kids' is a unique Belarusian brand of children's clothes, combining elegance and children's spontaneity. Style collection NAVY Kids' coinciding with the collection of NAVY, a distinctive feature of which was the harmony of classics and modernity. Each product of the brand is thought out to the smallest detail, practical and beautiful.


The Russian brand of children's designer clothes STILNYASHKA presented the capsule collection of the year 2018 "India", of Hasmik Gevorgyan’s authorship. The brand STILNYASHKA exists in the market of children's clothes from 2012 and is positioned as a brand with premium quality in the middle price segment. In addition, the clothes of the brand are chosen by the participants of the show "Voice. Children ","Reporters V", "Best of all", "Fashionable judgement" program and participants of New Year's concerts on the First Channel, "New Wave" and "Eurovision" contests, "Eralash" actors and others. On the podium in Minsk, the models showed 40 new images from casual categories and elegant dresses for special occasions, and thanks to the defile plot, the audience could immerse themselves in an exotic fairy tale about the jungle and the tropics.


The founders of the brand "Margo Style", in the partnership with the children's model agency "ANNmodels" prepared a presentation of the new collection "To the Moon and Back". We decided to turn to inspiration, like many world’s designers, this season – owing to the theme of the sky and the cosmos. On the Fashion Week the Cosmonautics Day was the day before, which was another sign to move in the chosen direction. One of the distinguishing features of the style of the future, adapted for little ladies and gentlemen is the high-tech fabrics that shine, sparkle as the stars sparkle and shimmer. In outfits there is also black color, as the color of outer space, but it is not the main one. A separate important role in the new collection is played by accessories that were developed by the designer of headwear Maria Skrabovskaya, the designer of the brand Jabo.by and the studio of accessories "PinkyBow"


 Gera Skandal's collection "The Year and The World 18/19" consists of 5 blocks, which were demonstrated by the models of the children's agency "ANNmodels". They featured all the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the final block was the Haute Couture collection from a young but already quite successful designer. Music, shapes, colors, as well as models reflected Gera’s vision on our world. Things are designed for bold, dynamic people who are not afraid to show the world their individuality. However, as at the moment the designer is attracted to Asian constructivism, his clothes can equally be worn by both wealthy, quiet people, and reckless trendsetters. Here is what Gera says about his work: "There is simply no definite place or person from whom I would draw my inspiration! I am inspired by both positive and negative communication, from sweetness and sadness. Inspiration needs to be taken from everything that surrounds us, because even in a muddy puddle you can see what will drive everybody crazy! ". Creating the collection, the designer used only natural silk fabrics, cashmere. The only thing that is artificial here is fur, but it, according to the designer himself, is not inferior in quality to natural.


Designers of the brand DNK Kids, being tired of the same type of children's clothes, created their new collection "New Spring", which the models of the children's agency "ANNmodels" vividly presented on the catwalk. Clothing is the main thing of expression, so the bet is made on talking things. In this collection you will not find sugary signs, pink wrinkles and other "mimimi".

DNK clothing - for those who are not afraid to declare themselves and show an inner character, even at a young age, for those who can break stereotypes and establish their own rules. DNK and their "New Spring" stand for freedom of movement of self-expression, quality materials, carefully measured patterns and unique author's prints. And, of course, designers understand how quickly children grow, so they make prices as affordable as possible.

Anastasia Ginko is the designer of the brand Nina girlswear, who was inspired to create beautiful dresses and accessories for girls while preparing a drawing dedicated to the birth of her daughter. The collection "Earth" reflects a flawlessly stylish concept of the brand. Presented dresses are warm and light, childly pure and sincere, maiden charm and tenderness, depth of feelings and colors. Moreover, only natural materials were used - cotton, silk, wool. The partners of the fashion show: Eva Spitz’s Beauty Studio; beauty salon "Warwara"; children's model agency "ANNmodels" Kids Fashion Group.

In the intervals between the shows young guests were entertained by the growth dolls Angry Birds from the agency of the organization of children's holidays @ lelik.by, the troll Rosochka from @malenkaj_strana_animator_minsk, the new heroine of dolls LOL from the animators @ trubadur.by.minsk. Aquagrim was organized by the team of @krasnizamok for young participants of the fashion event, as well as master classes on drawing pictures with sand; professionals from @dom_gnomika were reliable for activities for children and the creation of a good mood with the help of balloons.

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The official make-up artist of Belarus Fashion Week is Mary Kay® company.

Partners: the Swiss watch brand Elixa, the beauty school PoshSchool and the Art Space "Konyushnya".

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