16 november 2016

International runway of Belarus Fashion Week SS'17

Fashion is intended to serve as a universal international language. For four days of fashion shows during BFW spring/summer season 2017 this language was very persuasive. As a result already existing international relationships became stronger and new partnership was built. 
Thanks to the cooperation with the diplomatic corps foreign brands have an opportunity to present their collections on a Belarussian runway. Young designers as well as designers who already have presented their collections at Belarus Fashion Week. 
Mercedes-Benz Fashion show: RIANI – German brand, constant participant of Berlin fashion Week and is also known on the Belarusian market as it’ sold in a multi-brand store on the 5th Avenue. A new collection was demonstrated by professional  models and famous Belarussian ladies with their daughters. 
Alexandra Loh (secret PAL) in her collection “Going inside” showed reserved chic, having used only basic colors shifted the focus on the quality of fabrics and laconism of the cut. The success of the public preferring utilitarian combinative clothes is guaranteed. The fashion show was held with the support of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. 
Italian brand Leitmotiv boldly mixed bright colors, an abundance of decorative elements, the contrast of textures, a variety of patterns and prints, large accessories. Transparent black dresses with colorful appliqués of exotic birds, two-sided jackets without maxi sleeves, many-tier skirts looked very independently on the runway. But during the final fashion parade in the collection was noticed unity and harmony.
The fashion show was held in cooperation with the department of national chamber of Italian fashion and the Embassy of the Republic of Italy. 
Black Sheep Project by Kristina Selvesyuk is a tandem of Italian brand and the winner of the contest New Names BFW Kristina Selvesyuk. The designers chose a very peculiar tactic to demonstrate their images. In the beginning models appeared on the runway in basic items with brand logo and in classic blue jeans like simple girls. But with each appearance fashion show was becoming more extravagant thanks to the creativity of a Belarussian designer: skirt-shorts of deep emerald color combined with pistachio jumper, and velour sleeveless summer dress of unusual cut, and dress with asymmetrical elements of tissue resembling the male one; and knitted pearl crop top. The accent was on steel accessories KILLTODAY and vanilla Naomi.
Italian brand of Totti swimwear has offered a bold collection of fashion swimwear: separate swimwear bandeau and bikini. Everything is very simple and reserved, mostly it’s monochrome image.
Young French brand Ingrid Wondergeld presented a creative collection "Equilibrium" - a balance. Lightness and airiness added to dresses naturalness of silk, chiffon and satin, as well as an asymmetrical cut. And pastel colors stressed the weightlessness of models.
Roussin by Sofia Rousinovich is a Ukrainian family brand, fashion show of which was organized with the cooperation with Ukrainian Fashion week. The collection "Give me peace" reflected the essence of the political and social events in designers’ motherland. The irony of the war - when some earn money others try to keep peace in spite of everything – was sent by Sofia with the help of contrasting materials. On the one hand a layered chiffon and tops with anime characters are used, on the other hand everything is laced with metal eyelets, decorated with stripes and chevrons with frivolous images.
Brand FABRYAN by designer Samantha Agbontaen Jane once again presented the collection on a belarussian runway, consisted of images, in which author's style is recognizable. One-color fabrics assembled in colorful geometric compositions are always beyond the time, beyond the fashion. The fashion show was held with the support of the British Embassy.
Many of the participants of Belarus Fashion Week based their collections on various socially significant phenomena. Polish designer Klaudia Markiewicz decided to draw public’s attention to people suffering from achromatopsia - the extreme form of color blindness. Black, grey and white are merged into a complex graphic prints. Optical distortion (if abstract from the disease) created a very interesting background for an equally interesting shape. Such basic items as dress- shirt, long coat or white blouse thanks to layered look and texture of fabrics, began to look futuristic.
Fashion forms the material culture of a civilization, has a huge impact on various aspects of society. In this regard, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of international cooperation of representatives of the fashion industry, which promotes cultural relationships among countries and help to solve global social problems.


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