09 november 2018


On November 9, the designers of NGO Belarus Fashion Council presented their new capsule collections to the Ethical Fashion Show, combined with the theme of eco-friendly fashion. Brands Historia Naturalis, POETKA, Lokonkokon, KANVA, Kastrama took part in the show. 

The idea, implementation and financial support - the personal merit of Yanina Hancharova, head of Belarus Fashion Week. According to her words, the concept of this show is based on the theme of sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical fashion. The show demonstrated the modern look of designers on the long-forgotten techniques of national applied art, integrated into today's fashionable context. And also work with local raw materials, in this case with flax, which is used in all collections of authors.

Historia Naturalis presented their views on the work of Irgman Bergman. The special processing of images and characters of the filmmaker in combination with futuristic accessories left the aftertaste of the art installation. The author emphasized designers of the brand Polina Voronova and Larisa Atamanova was traced in lines, in the color scale and architecture of products.

Designer Ekaterina Kabanova developed the Red Grass collection in her traditional technique of natural dyeing fabrics with vegetable dyes. Nontrivial combination of quilted jackets of watercolor colors, printed declaration of the fact that everything is done by hand, homespun lace decor - created by man is always unique.

Natalla Kastrama in her collection “RODNAYA” concentrated a lot of folk motifs and refrain repeated the illustrations to the Belarusian folk tales in applications, artistic stitch and textured printed design.

The “Core” collection of Anastasia Vasyuchenko consists of relaxed silhouettes, graphic prints and accessories with natural straw. It is worth noting that Anastasia is a master of the delicate and respectful quotation of cultural heritage.

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The Lokonkokon brand with the flatlands collection "Flatlands" did not focus on the Belarusian color, but relied on the laconism of the cut and the natural origin of the fabric and accessories - linen dresses decorated wooden buttons, and hankie hats were used as headdresses.

Most importantly, despite the unusual interpretation, all products from the collections with proper styling are appropriate both in urban scenery and on vacation. And this, in turn, gives them good potential for commercial success.


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The organizers are the PR and Communications Agency Open Defile, NGO Belarus Fashion Council

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Photo: Peter Vinnichek, Julia Fanchan, Konstantin Kryukov, Maria Kozhdan

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