19 june 2018


Great British festival took place in Minsk on 6 June organized by the British Embassy. During this day Belarus Fashion Council held a series of events called “Great Fashion”.

This is the second visit of a British brand Longshaw Ward to Minsk. Earlier, designers Kirsty Ward and David Longshaw visited the country as part of the national fashion event Belarus Fashion Week.

The designers accepted the re-invitation, considering it as very profitable as the strategic partner of Belarus Fashion Council, “Open Podium” communication agency, organized a quality business and PR program for the foreign brand.

During their stay in Minsk, the designers had a meeting with journalists of the magazines "City of Women" and "On Air", aired on the TV channel "Belarus 1" in the program "Day in the City". They had a close presentation of the collection in the fashionable space 7.11, meetings in B2B format with representatives of designer clothes shops, a workshop for young Belarusian designers.

The culmination of the three-day visit of designers became a full-fledged display of the brand Longshaw Ward in the framework of the Great British Festival. Together with the British designers, Belarusian brands, Historia Naturalis and Scapegoat 404, presented their collections, who are the participants in the International Fashion Exhibition (London).


Belarus Fashion Council expresses gratitude to the British Embassy in Belarus, Minsk City Executive Committee, Sette agency, "Open Podium" communication agency, PoshSchool.by, the fashionable space 7.11, “OnAir” and the “City of Women”, "Day in the Big City" of the TV-channel Belarus 1 and charming models who took part in the catwalk.

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