08 february 2018


The Belarusian Fashion Council will be represented by two brands, Scapegoat_404 and HISTORIA NATURALIS at the International Fashion Showcase in London. This popular international project was established in 2012 and is a part of London Fashion Week. 450 designers from 57 countries have already taken part in it. The project gives designers from all over the world a chance to display their works for the international public, including buyers, journalists and fellow fashion professionals.

Belarusian Fashion Council is a national non-governmental organization, which is responsible for organization the brands’ participation in the contest.

“Taking part in the International Fashion Showcase is a very important step for Belarus and for promoting Belarusian brands in Europe. We have kept our eyes on this project for many years, have contacted the organizers several times seeking opportunity for Belarusian designers to take part in the showcase. Finally, we have this opportunity. The national presence at IFS is a unique chance to present the cultural heritage of our country through creations of its bright progressive contemporary designers. This contest is not just about demonstrating fashion tendencies. It builds a connection between fashion and important social issues. It is a great opportunity for the country to establish new relations in the international market, to create an understanding of what contemporary Belarusian fashion is like, as well as to develop the country’s national identification,” says Yanina Goncharova, the chairperson of the Belarusian Fashion Council, as well as the director of Belarus Fashion Week.

It is going to be the sixth time the International Fashion Showcase will take place. It has grown a lot, and it keeps giving young starting designers from all over the world a unique opportunity to demonstrate the world fashion’s strength and diversity during London Fashion Week. 

“I often come to London and this city has always had an incredible creative atmosphere. After all, London is primarily famous for being a fashion capital that is more than others open to new talents and young designers. That is why coming back there, but this time – as a participant of such a major project as IFS, is very significant and a little bit unsettling,” comments Historia Naturals designer Polina Kartovitskaya.

Scapegoat_404 designers Tatiana Martinovskaya and Dmitriy Istomov say, “International Fashion Showcase is a fantastic platform to draw public attention to important social issues with the help of fashion. The fact that Belarus is going to take part in this project is an incredible experience – both for us, and for the country as a whole.”

Selection rounds will be held throughout the year and only 15 designers from all over the world will make it to the final. The presentational stand’s drafts are soon to be revealed. They will be created by the participating designers under the supervision of the Belarusian Fashion Chamber.

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