14 april 2018


The third day of Belarus Fashion Week began with the show of the Italian brand Plus Que Ma Vie. In the entire collection, the style of the Formula 1 championship are evident. The basis is composed of a black and gray palette, completed by a checkered pattern of the final flags, which are used for signaling on auto and motorcycle races. Bright inclusion of yellow and orange colors bring dynamics and create a mood. A separate unit presents the outerwear: light-weight sheepskin coats, long trench coats, duffle coats, shortened jackets. Andrea Lazzari offers products that are viable in urban settings; they will suit brave young people and girls who like to be in the spotlight. Shoes are provided by SNEAKERS BAR. See the photo from the catwalk here.


Continued fashionable marathon designer Ksenia Romanova with laconic collection TURBO including suits in the style of sport-chic. Sweatshirts, hoodies, bike shorts and suits of blue, pink, lavender, red colors were balanced by black and white graphic decoration, which gave some strictness to the things of free forms. Complement the images of accessories Bliskavica. See the photo from the catwalk here.


Lyudmila Tarakanova, as expected by her numerous fans, presented an incredibly stylish capsule of men's clothing. Brutal black combined with an animalistic print together created a spectacular contrast; a red checkered jacket, completed with narrow eco-leather trousers and long scarves, oversize trench coats, elements resembling a skirt - all these are references to the grunge style. Against this backdrop, the image of a fawn-colored coat over a set of light green trousers and printed t-shirts seemed very ironic. The designer retained her author's view and rebellious spirit, which is present in all her products. The partner of the show was Magotex. See the photo from the catwalk here.


The design team of the brand Devur / Femme while creating its collection "In the labyrinths of color" took into account all the trendy color combinations and designed them with feminine silhouettes of flying dresses, elegant pencil skirts, trouser suits and original tops. It was the debut for the brand on the podium of Belarus Fashion Week, but it can be argued that it was worthy. Show partner: Lei shoes shop. See the photo from the catwalk here.


The display of the Russian-Russian brand Condra Deluxe, which turns 25 this year, was divided into several blocks, each consisting of trouser suits, dresses, jumpers of a modern cut, as well as outfits for special occasions. A variety of materials used, gave a large space to the design office for maneuver: casual clothing, thanks to delicate lace, paillettes, fine mesh, can change the functionality, depending on the pace of life of a woman. Clothes from the collection "Between the Past and the Future" will go on sale only in August, but now you can pre-order on the official website of Condra Deluxe. At the fashion show was presented a collection of watches elixa.


The Nelva brand has rightfully won the hearts of the most demanding clients for a long time. The new collection "Modern heritage", according to the chief designer Alexander Shitko, inspired by the film divas of the past, which are still considered the standards of style and beauty. To throw a kind of "bridge" between the bygone era and modernity was possible thanks to perfectly tailored suits in the style of Greta Garbo; fitted dresses made of fine woolen cloth , noble shades of gray, emerald and blue; snow-white blouses. A new interpretation of the classic images from Nelva pretends to be a luxurious base for women of different ages, but with an exquisite taste. Traditionally, designers offer several capsules for different purposes: business, casual, evening group. Show partners: Lilia Shutova bags, ACCENT gloves, BASCONI shoes, fur Le Furle accessories, Tearam hats. See the photos here. 


"My London Spring" from the designer Natalia Korzh is a first-person narrative that consists of separate elements that complement each other and are put together. Inside the collection, each unit can both exist autonomously, so mix with others. The color scheme consists of a gently blue, powdery pink and from milky to tangerine and burgundy colors. The dandy style, the Sherlock hat, the checkered trousers realized the designer's idea of associations with London. Moreover, the great attention to detail and the high level of fulfillment made the images complete and worthy of flattering reviews. The partner of the show was “Himnefteservis”. Shoes are provided by the network of BASCONI stores. Photos of the catwalk here.


Images of Models of Fashion Week in Belarus: official make-up artist of Belarus Fashion Week - Mary Kay ® Company, partner in the design of hairstyles and styling - the beauty school PoshSchool.

Partners: the Swiss watch brand Elixa and the Art Space “Konyushnya”.

Press-center of Belarus Fashion Week, PR and communications agency "Open Podium".

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Photo: Daniil Anokhin, Yulia Emelyanova, Evseheny Klimovich.

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