15 april 2018


The fourth day of Belarus Fashion Week was opened by the designer from Polotsk Natalia Gaidargy, who demonstrated a collection of natural flax. Black and red formed the basis of the color scheme. All clothing is presented in a wide range of sizes, there are male, female and children's models. Sets consisted of both representative dresses, as well as from basic units: classic summer trousers, shirts, tunics. The choice of staging the show is due to the fact that the designer created her own products for real people and wanted to show how organically they can fit into everyday life. Not professional models came to the podium, but ordinary people who are brand customers. A special feature of the show was the performance of the famous performer Semyon Frolov.


Designer Ekaterina Tikota presented clothes specially designed for pregnant women and nursing mothers. All models are tailored to the anatomical features of pregnant women, and also provide special constructive elements for comfortable breastfeeding. Clothes, apart from its functionality is still fashionable and stylish, with a characteristic design signature. The models on the catwalk were media persons who were expecting a baby or have already become mothers: Mila Ignatik, Ksenia Zhuk, Olga Mzhelskaya, Olga Zhadeeva. In addition, all the income from the sale of tickets for the show, will be sent to charity – to sew "nests" for premature babies. Fashion show photos here.



Transformation of the outfits of the brand "Ezhevika" is a change in the material structure of clothing through the re-construction of one form in another, the internal changes in the kit with the help of simple manipulations. The collection, which the brand presented to the public within Belarus Fashion Week, is a compliment to Belarusian women who are rightly considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. The color palette is based on the powdery-pink range, which gives freshness and lightness to each of the images, and a variety of shades allows to highlight the natural beauty of girls of different color types. Unobtrusive floral prints, a dosed amount of shine and sequins reflect the general attitude of the designer to the decor and form a certain aesthetics; Delicate lace and chiffon with refrain translate fragility and femininity. You can see photos here.


Tatyana Efremova is a designer with a huge creative potential, which opens new facets of her talent to the public from season to season. Thanks to the fact that PR and communications agency "Open Podium" provided the opportunity for the implication of fashion and technology, the technological LED parts were integrated into the show, which looked impressive and introduced the element of the show. The collection itself is sustained in a laconic, elegant way, with many details that you want to consider in detail. Trenches, raincoats, trouser suits, black mini dresses, V-notched jerseys, metallized leather jackets, preserved the DNA of T.Efremova, but look fresh and modern. Partners: Primaveri sunglasses salon network; Designer Elena Protsko's bags; headwear by Valentina Plytkevich. In the show, the collection of elixa watches was presented. You can see the photo from the show here.


The second season in a row, the main colors of Lakbi collection were black and khaki. However, form and volume play in a new way, leaving options for different combinations among themselves. Products will match any megapolis of the world, are appropriate both in the art environment and in the office. The brutal message of the entire collection is offset by a purple dress, a weightless blouse caught at the waist with a gold belt; a camel color trouser suit, an asymmetrical terracotta-colored tunic. Designers for the first time presented men's products: models of suits, trousers, jeans jackets and pairs. In the defile was presented a collection of elixa watches. You can see the photo from the show here.


The émse brand specializes in affordable evening fashion. Lace, satin fabric, palette, delicate finish, classic cut - the main points of the new line of the spring-summer season 2018. Cocktail white dresses with fringe, elegant models in the style of new look, maxi-dresses were especially impressive in industrial decorations of space "OK16" and this game on contrasts contributed to a winning demonstration of the collection. You can see the collection here.


Images of models: the official make-up artist of Belarus Fashion Week is Mary Kay® company, the partner for the design of hairstyles and styling - the beauty school PoshSchool.

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Partners: the Swiss watch brand Elixa and the Art Space "Konyushnya"

Press-center of Belarus Fashion Week, PR and communications agency "Open Podium".

Photo by Daniil Anokhin, Konstantin Kryukov, Yulia Emelyanova

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