28 october 2017


During the second day of the educational forum "Fashion is my profession" the audience's attention was held by international speakers - professionals from the fashion world: Nadezhda Zhuravleva, Fashion Faculty (Russia),Bogban Enica, Fashion Law (Canada), Fabryan, the designer of brand "Fabryan" (UK). The current issues of designers’ self-branding, methods of brand protection in the era of social networks, the principles of doing business in the fashion industry are the topics, which were discussed.

The fifth day of the Fashion week turned up to be the most visited in the shows schedule.

Collection by T. Efremova was not only imaginative but of social character too. The main goal is to delicately voice the adaptation and socialization problems of people with disabilities who have difficulty with communication. Clean shapes and combination of various shades of white became a wonderful background to embroidered icons. Exactly it carried a meaningful message in a "clear language". And the experimental part of the collection is consisted of eggplant and red colours combination based on metallic fabrics on dresses. Of course, not without a favorite material of the designer – natural fur. This time was used a very affordable goat fur, which is smoother both in its price and its message meanings. Designer’s team paid a great attention to stylization, which added a gloss to the outfits. Elixa watches were presented in the collection.

The brand of wedding and evening dresses UNONA presented a new collection designed by sisters-designers Alina and Uliana Semchenkova. With art education, girls have a slightly different sense of priorities - flowing light fabrics not fixed in rigid corsets or bandages come to the fore. Instead of corsets, they actively used belts resembling sashes with lace. There were many silk hoods on the podium in a wide tint range: from milky and pink to scarlet rose. Some dresses were made of silk with the author's watercolor paintings. According to designers, a modern bride wants to feel comfortable on the most important day of her life, but at the same time she wants be confident in her uniqueness. Such a position gives the bride who chose an outfit from UNONA the freedom to decide herself where and how she will spend her wedding day.

Vesnaletto  chose to show their clothes in a format of a spectacular show with special effects and directing innovations. New collection is presented by business and sexy jumpsuits, light dresses made of lace and cropped slim pants. In other words, appealing to the designers of this brand only it is possible to efficiently update your wardrobe for the season considering its functionality. Well, the pitch on the catwalk speaks eloquently too about the fact, that any woman in any situation should look beautiful and desirable.

Natalia Korzh was inspired by the paintings of Gustav Klimt and shifted an incredible range of colours and aesthetics to the catwalk. Inspiration by art is always a good idea. Foxy, terracotta mosaic prints were blown up by emerald and blue. The designer continued the theme of sensuality, which glorified the artist, and looked at it through the eyes of a contemporary. Elixa watches were presented in the collection.

Irina Boitsik took the creation of a new collection with a great sense of style and respect for the classical cut сanon. Basic suits in her interpretation look exclusively. Moreover, light dresses with floral pattern are the reference example of femininity in clothing. Powdery pink, beige, milk chocolate colours are beyond time and trends.

Official partner of the show is the company Nescafe Gold, which together with the BOITSIK brand hold a contest where everyone has a chance to win a stylish bomber jacket from the designer! For this, you need just to post a photo from Belarus Fashion Week location with the hashtag #nescafebfw. The winner will be chosen personally by Irina Boitsik October 31!

Official partners of Belarus Fashion Week SS18: Huawei Velcom, Nescafe Gold, official visagiste – Mary Kay® company. Partners: Swiss watch brand Elixa, Poshschool and Pepsi black.


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