18 november 2016

Belarus Fashion Week and UNAIDS collaboration

The ceremony of signing the Memorandum on cooperation between  Republican public organization «Belarus Fashion Council» and the joint United Nations program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) in Belarus took place on the 20th of October. Belarusian models, designers, UNAIDS goodwill ambassador Svetlana Borovskaya and Dmitry Bochkov  took part in this ceremony.

The main aim of the memorandum is increasing of awareness on HIV/AIDS problems with the help of people of fashion, beauty and style. Thanks to this cooperation, the solution of many critical social issues will be discussed easier with the help of media and famous people, who are the stars of the Belarussian fashion industry. With the help of fashion designers it will be easier to speak about existing problems in the society, not hiding them and not put on the musk of silence.



For six months of cooperation during Belarus Fashion Week from third to sixth of November 2016 among the guests worked the stand of the joint UN program on HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Belarus (UNAIDS) for express HIV testing. Testing was carried out by media people for example Teo, Olga Ryzhikova, Ivan Eismont,  Dmitry Bochkov and UNAIDS goodwill ambassador Svetlana Borovskaya. 



The regional Director of UNAIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia Vinay Saldanha spoke at the official press conference of the opening of the thirteenth season of Belarus Fashion Week.


On the first of December "Belarus fashion Council" will present a fashion installation and a fashion show of evening and cocktail dresses of a famous Belarusian brand Papilio by designer Alena Goretskaya in the frameworks of “world day against AIDS." The fashion show will be held at the hotel Renaissance.

The culminating stage of cooperation between organizations between organizations will be holding of the  campaign "Aids Fashion Line", in which leading Belarusian designers will take part. Designers Marina Davydova, Alena Goretskaya, Olga Barabanschikova, brand “NAVY”, Coo Culte, Tamara Harydavets, Tatyana Efremova, Olga Novik, Ivan aiplatov, and many others will unite in a project on opposition to HIV/AIDS epidemics, will create outfits with using of UNAIDS symbol - red ribbon adapted with a Belarusian traditional ornament.


The event will conclude with a spectacular show on the runway of Belarus Fashion Week in April 2017. 

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