01 октября 2021 



 FLOW ... The flow ... As psychologists assure, it is one of the most beautiful and significant things in life to be in a state of flux: when an absorbed person does not feel neither time nor himself, instead of fatigue feels he/she can feel a flush of energy and the pleasure of creation of something , getting joy of meeting with new discoveries. In fact, the flow is inspiration. Designer Lyudmila Tarakanova thinks, this is a natural way of creative activity. A person in this state is able to sincerely, enthusiastically be surprised at the discoveries of others, and be inspired by them.

 So from the TARAKANOVA flow at present time, like geysers, unique images,which inspired by the deed of Russian pioneers from Semyon Dezhnev, Ivan Kruzenstern, Nikolai Miklukho-Maklai, Nikolai Rezanov to Valery Chkalov,have burst out ...

 In the new men's collection FLOW, the designer, leaving a hint of the source of her inspiration, created psychologically new images addressed to tomorrow, and she did everything that the rhetoric of clothes from TARAKANOVA allow men to be perceived as bold travelers in the unknown fares as real pioneers.

 FLOW - there are a brand of magnificant tunics and shirts, t-shirts with author's painting, vests, trousers and overalls, anoraks, raincoats, quilted fabric overcoat. A light trend of fashion in the 1970s and 1980s touched warm clothes - the author suggests that men try on fur coats and fur jackets. The designer preserves the volume and softness of the silhouettes due to the design of the sleeves, raglan or flat armhole, supports the images with accessories , three-dimensional quilted and hand-knitted scarves.

 For the manufacture of models the designer used Mogotex fabrics with special protective properties (with the effect of water repellent), knitted fabrics, wool and wool, quilted materials, drapes, flax, and various types of artificial fur.

 The color palette of the collection is dominated by shades of black, dark brown, sandy, yellow ocher, bleached olive, milky, gray, there are smoothly colored fabrics with "dangerous" leopard prints and prints that imitate the wood texture.

 Lyudmila Tarakanova is Associate Professor of the Design and Fashion Department of the Vitebsk State Technological University, a member of the Belarusian Union of Designers. The artist-designer is the creator of his own brand TARAKANOVA, the author of more than 50 collections of men's and women's clothing. In previous years she successfully performed at fashion shows and in international contests of clothing designers in Moscow, Smolensk, Kaliningrad, Minsk, Vitebsk, won laureates. In the creative dossier of Lyudmila, participation in international exhibitions and fairs in Dusseldorf and Cologne, similar projects in Moscow, Paris, shows on the podiums of RFW and VFW in Moscow, LFW in Lviv (the designer received a magnificent review of the presented collection from the honorable guest of LFW of the famous couturier Takada Kenzo), PFW in Poznan. With constant success, Lyudmila demonstrates the collection of men's clothing at the BFW shows in Minsk. Models of Lyudmila Tarakanova published in fashion magazines and style - Italian Collezioni, Russian Fashion Collection, "Atelier" and some others.

 In 2017, Lyudmila Tarakanova was recognized as the best designer of men's clothes in Belarus and was awarded the Belarus National Fashion Award by Zorka - the National Award of Belarusian Fashion, established for the representatives of Russian fashion business.

Lyudmila Tarakanova, designer, a member of the BDB, an associate professor of the design and fashion department of the VSTU.

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E-mail: tarlu@tut.by

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