PLC 'Comintern' is the largest manufacturer and a Belarusian brand producing classic men costumes. The factory produces more than 400 thousands costumes a year. The team includes about 1300 highly qualified professionals!

Suits created by Comintern are modern, stylish clothing for ambitious men. The basis of its philosophy is a fusion of high quality and affordable price.

Each collection offers you quite a lot of inspiring ideas. Moreover, the designer's individual approach to each garment helps make you own distinctive image.

Press-release for the new collection HARMATTAN

Designer: Elena Shilovich

The character of the collection is a fashion-monger who got used to live in a busy city and look for new inspiring things.

He prefers original models made of natural materials with interesting details to boring black and grey jackets. Instead of classic shirts he wears jumpers combining them with tight trousers and stylish accessories.

Sometimes he has a desire to exchange the urban jungles for real ones, to enjoy savannah beauty or desert landscape in the sun.

The image of the collection includes colors found all around the world.

Spicy luxury includes gold, emerald and brown tones.

Dark shades and tones of burnt ground.

Freedom, comfort and light tone...

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«Belarus Fashion Council»

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