Evgeni Horkin brand is a new designer womenswear brand.

Basic directions of work are

- Basic – stylish casual clothes.

- Exclusive – limited edition characterized by its special cutting, choice of materials, creative ideas.

- Individual tailoring for those who know what they know and appreciate exclusive clothing.

Spring/summer ’17 collection not without purpose called Emancipation. Emancipation itself is not about feminism as a political movement, but about femininity which has not lost itself behind the strength of character fighting for equality in the society.


SHE steals the show, the only one whose look attracts everyone not allowing to forget.

SHE is beautiful and proud.

SHE is smart and ambitious.

SHE knows what she is worth ant what she wants.

SHE is reserved and passionate at the same time.

SHE is strong and weak when it is necessary.

SHE is not afraid of male roles.

However, SHE is femininity and elegance itself.

SHE does not care about trends as she is fashion herself, fashion as a reflection of the internal I, her internal I am a woman.


Basically, the collection is created in New Look style. The transition from complex cutting to simpler outfits, from deep texture and multi-layers to clear homogeneity is followed from look to look.

One of the main moment of the collection is a hand-made embroidery - an integral part of the collection - graphic and romantic, dynamic and ornamental, which demonstrates the spectators fragile female soul changing all the time.

'Emancipation' is a debut collection reflecting general philosophy and giving the idea of further development and orientation of the brand.

Contacts for sales

+375 (29) 505-80-48


Republican public organization
«Belarus Fashion Council»

Agency of PR and communications
«Open podium»
NIP 490853075