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Tikota Unique


“NOVELWITHCOCAINE” is about the power of woman’s love, crave to be stow yourself fully and share inner light and warmth.

Experiencing states from joy and euphoria, when the heart opens to another person, to inner devastation realizing inability of being together. Every image of the collection is a stage with its feelings, fears, universal openness and, as a result, acceptance of these experiences as part of oneself. 

The collection is replete with bright accents and bold decisions. Every piece was created with reverence, tenderness, and hand-decorated. Lace,velvet, leather, and cotton interact and feed the items with their energy. 

NOVEL WITH COCAINEis about sensuality, spirituality, and true Love. 


- SelfieBox – a true revolution in the world of photo shooting, owing to which you can now create high-quality pictures yourself instantly.


-«Finansovaya Gavan» (financial port) – is an immaculate accounting outsourcing. You can be sure of your accounting and enjoy your business, develop and multiply the capital. 


Republican public organization
«Belarus Fashion Council»

Agency of PR and communications
«Open podium»
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